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Industrial wash

We possess modern washing machine and we work on an ecological basis. Here we realize all your sophisticated and creative ways of Garment washing:

Types of available washing services (Tonello and belly machines):

  • Garment washing
  • Soft/silikon washing
  • Enzim washing
  • Enzim-Stone washing
  • Tencel washing ( enzim wash for tencel garments)
  • Enzim+Bleach for white garments ( optical white )
  • Moonwash / acid wash
  • Denim washing - all wash-types and special effects
  • Rinse Wash & Rinse Wash with indigo fixation
  • Stone Wash
  • Enzim Wash
  • Enzim-Stone Wash+ bleach
  • Kinds of available bleaching
  • Bleaching with sodium hypohlorite
  • Biobleach ( for denim with elasthan)

In INT washing department we dispose of modern equipment for washing ready-made products on an ecologic basis. In this department we realize all Your sophisticated and creative types of washing and dying of ready-made products.
In our washing department we do all the necessary testing of the fabric of every roll thus determining the values of reaction of the fabric in width and length, as well as the number of undertones of the fabric separately for every roll after which we carry out a classification of the fabric  according to the percentage of reaction of the fabric as well as sorting according to the color undertones, by which we make possible the production of a ready-made product with measures in the frames of  tolerance as well as a product with almost the same color undertones.


Our professional and creative team is constantly working on the development of new washed and dyed effects.